In Science we have been learning about the human body we have cute open a brain and a heart and next we get to cute open a lungs it is really cool and we learnt a lot of stuff about the human body like the brain has a lot of parts that controls different thing like the brain steam controls your temperature and all the automatic thing like breathing their is the cerebrum that can over ride the brain steam

My Holiday

In the Holidays I went on a House Boat up in Remark. We had lots of fun caching fish playing games and going in the spa. when we were on the house boat we Cort yabbies and on the last day we had them for lunch.The house boat had two stories 7 TVs air condition in ever room, a spa 150 videos Xbox 360. We tried to catch fish but we could only catch Carp.It was so much fun on the House Boat I loved it you should go on one